Thursday, January 7, 2010


coming soon Vintage 80's lucite bangle

Lucite is back, you will see this trend in accessories, shoes, and handbags.Lucite was very popular in the 70's, now you will see more of it this spring.This retro space age look works well with all white and neutrals. Lucite should be worn sparingly.You can also update the little black dress with key lucite pieces.Designers Kate Spade,Ferragamo and Bendel all have clear handbags for this spring.If you are on a budget,you may want to consider Bakers, for clear lucite bags.Lucite bangles will be the biggest item for lucite also.You can purchase marble Lucite bangles, $30 each from Aqua at Bloomingdales.If that's not in your budget,then try clear pink, blue, green or yellow bangles, $2.50 each at

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