Friday, October 29, 2010

do it yourself Halloween Costumes

Lady GaGa [Judas] - Dark Version
photo by alexlovesmiley

Halloween is right around the corner and my sister's b-day is the day before Halloween.For her b-day we are going to a haunted house on Friday,but I'm so sick to make it there.We also have plans to dress up on Saturday and go to dinner,I may make an attempt to do that. I'm not sure what my costume will be because I waited so late,maybe I'll do a do it yourself costume.The best costumes are the do it yourself costumes ,because they are cheap and fun to make.
My easy to do costume picks
Lady Gaga
 Nicki Minaj

Find everything you need to recreate these looks:
1) wig shops for the wigs
2) thrift stores for clothing pieces
3) drugstores for makeup


  1. I want to throw a Halloween Party one day or A Masquerade Party so much fun ;-) on my 2 do list

  2. you should next year,start planning early,dressing up is the fun part of it all