Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weekend I spent some time thrifting and shopping for myself. I attended an estate sale full of vintage furniture,jewelry,and clothing.I spotted  these lovely  pair of color block pumps,which are definitely my taste...but unfortunately they are not my size.I really hate having small feet.I cant wear these so I'll add them to the shop.I'm not sure when,because haven't opened yet and I really don't sell shoes.I have a handbag with similar colors,maybe I'll do handbag and shoe sets.(thinking)


  1. Isn't thrift shopping just so much fun? I just love it! I came across your profile from Twitter and thought I would stop by and say hi! I have my own personal blog but I commented from ITSDF and our blog is here:
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes,I love thrifting.Thanks for visiting my little blog,I will definitely check out your blog.I love following fashion and thrift lovers blogs.xoxo