Monday, July 11, 2011

yard sale success

This weekend I had a yard sale and it was a huge success.I haven't had a yard sale in years.The process was quite stressful,especially organizing and trying to price items;but it was all worth while.I made lots of money,more than I anticipated.I can't wait to have another one.I found some useful tips from the yard sale queen.

My clothing racks cleared out pretty fast.The designer pieces and pieces with price tags were the first to go.My number one sellers were the jeans and tops priced for a dollar.They sold like hotcakes.I think they sold quickly due to cuteness,price and condition.The items that didn't sale were my newer and high dollar items,I priced higher.Most of the time people shop yard sales for bargains,so I can see why these items didn't move quickly.I probably will consign these pieces or put them in my eBay store.

Do you like shopping at yard sales?


  1. No,I sold it for $1o dollars,they really got a good deal on that pinnacle bike.I saw some selling on ebay for 88$ and up.

  2. u wish i could join yard sales!!!
    i can spot lovely items! i reallu like the white mirror!

    u have a lovely blog! definitely follow u! :D


  3. thanks Veronica!! I love the t-shirt tutorial on your blog,I did a similar design years ago.too cute!!

  4. I don't have much experience shopping at yard sales, but I have sold at a few. The buyers are definitely looking for great bargains, so it's easier to sell at the low price/high volume level. Glad you were successful! Feels good to get rid of things and make extra cash, right?