Tuesday, September 13, 2011

red hot

source via fashionologie

Red lips are back in a big way this fall.Red lips made a big comeback thanks to the show Mad Men and its here to stay.Some people believe red isn't for everyone,but that's not true.Picking the right hue that compliments you is the key.Never go overboard when you wear red lipstick,by adding red to your nails and cheeks.You should only wear red lips with a very light eyeshadow color.So this fall don't be afraid of red,because there are many shades to choose from.This season you can choose from bright reds to burgundy reds.

I like the red lips here,but not the shadow.I would prefer a softer neutral shade for the eyes,because red is such a powerful color.The lips should be the stand out here.

source via usmagazine
Suri Cruise wearing red lipstick at fashion week.Is this cute or not?
What do you think?


  1. It's not cute at all, and it's such a dark red.

  2. Love red lips. I used to wear red lipstck a lot! I have to start again.

  3. I love red lips. absolutely love.

    As of Suri Cruise... I'm not surprised, I've seen her wearing small heels!!! Not really appropriate though I think

  4. So true that red on Suri is all wrong and not appropriate to me for her age.

  5. I love red lipstick and I agree with you about the fact that when you wear such a strong shade, you have to balance it with neutral or even nude make-up for the eyes. I recently found the right red lipstick, Ruby Woo by MAC, and I absolutely adore it.

    As for Suri, let's hope that it was just for fun because I find wearing make-up before a certain age quite inappropriate.


  6. Yeah ,Right .Red are back.Great post.

    Follow each other .

  7. I love MAC lipsticks too :)Finding the right shade for you is the key to wearing a red lip color.

  8. Love red lipstick! although I'm still looking for that perfect shade of red. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you. xx