Monday, September 26, 2011

Sneak peek spring 2012

Jason Wu


source via fashionologie

On today's blog, I'm thrilled to share two of my favorite spring 2012 collections.

The first collection is Jason Wu.I love his crisp, clean, and classic lines,with a touch of 50's inspiration.His use of yellow and pink are the perfect hues for spring, these colors come to mind when I think of spring.This collection is perfect for the modern girl,elegant,simple and classic.
The second collection is Gucci.I've always been a very big fan of Gucci fashions.I really adore this collection,because of the inspirations from one of my favorite fashion eras...the 1920's.I love the flapper style drop waist dresses here.I did a collection of 20's inspired dress sketches years ago, almost similar to the Gucci collection.I'm looking for those sketches now.I will post some pics of that collection as soon as I come across them.

Any thoughts on these two collections?


  1. I just found your blog, it's so cute and I definitely see why these are two of your fave collections. The bright pink and yellow designs are so fun and Gucci is always so elegant. I'm a fan of flapper style dresses too! Great post

    Following you now and on twitter.
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time :)

  2. Thanks Dale,I just recently revamped my blog.Thanks for the follow...I love your blog too :)

  3. Great looks!

  4. I'm partial to the Jason Wu collection because I've always said that if I could choose a time to live in, the 50s would be one of my top picks!

    The Gucci collection is beautiful but is on the verge of being TOO theatrical. I get that the 20s were big on tassels, sequins etc. and like you, it's one mf my favourite fashion eras too, but IMHO they could've done it in a more subtle tone. I still really like the collection and can imagine it looking great on the red carpet/a crazy night out!

  5. I like the tussled ones in particular.

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  7. Alexa thats so true about the Gucci ollection.Love your comment :D

  8. I know what you mean with being too busy to draw at times. I actually didn't pick up a pencil for two years when I first started working in finance... that is why I started the blog, to make sure that I didn't let go of my passion.

    I actually loved the Gucci collection. Although my aesthetic is more simple and clean, I really admired what she did- particularly with the evening pieces.

  9. The PvdH Journal I really need to use my god given talents ASAP,I'll start next month,you have inspired me :)

  10. I love both collections! They give off different vibes, I love the color and vibrancy of the first and the sleekness of the second.

  11. Gimme a ball gown anyday and ill walk down the street in it I love the Jason Wu collection.. its very simple - but its the silhouette that sells it for me