Thursday, December 15, 2011

creative baby shower gift wrap

Hi guys,sorry I haven't blogged in about a week now. Ive been extremely busy again,juggling two careers.Today I'm sharing my creative gift wrap for a baby shower.Recently I attended my cousins baby shower and I wanted to wrap it up a little different than the norm.I used brown package paper,thin blue,yellow,pink and white ribbon,colorful block trinkets and a card with matching colors.I purchased all items from the  dollar tree. Here are the results of a beautifully wrapped present.This is the perfect wrapping for a baby shower gift,if the sex of the baby is unknown.


scissors: for curling the ribbon
thin blue,yellow,pink,and white ribbon
tape: to attach ribbon and card
block trinkets or any other baby trinkets to hang on gift
brown package paper
a card with matching colors


  1. WOW - this is beautiful!

    I invite you to visit my blog and enter a giveaway ;)

  2. thank you!!

    I will check your blog out,because I love givaways :)

  3. this is adorable!!! i wouldn't open the present, i would keep it like that!!! hahaha