Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Day gift ideas...seeing red

Valentines day,a day of love.This is the time to show that special someone how much they mean to you.What are some different ways to celebrate? You could have a quiet dinner at home,go out on the town or go away on a trip.I'm not sure what I will be doing,just haven't planned anything yet.But I have an idea what I'm going to make,maybe my own special cards or a valentines day gift package.There are so many places you can go to create the perfect gift,such as the dollar store,thrift store,Michaels and the fabric store.There's no need to spend alot of money on your gifts,when you can be creative and make your own,from the heart.


Valentines Day is the day you will be seeing red.You can wear a red dress,red shoes or any red accessory for valentines day, but don't cover yourself  head to toe in red.I love a simple touch of red only.How about a pair of red and white spectators,this true classic would be perfect for valentines or this spring.The spectator has always been a very popular style for women throughout the years,perfect with high fashion or with British inspired clothing,also great shoe for spring and summer whites.My Favorite Pieces has the perfect  pair of vintage spectators for you,Authentic Etienne Aigner spectators on sale now,so don't miss out on this true vintage find.

vintage etienne aigner spectators
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  1. Thanks for sharing the Valentine day gifts idea. Everything looks perfect on your blog. It was worth of time going through your blog.

  2. thanks Hampers,visited your site love the wine and cheese gift sets,perfect gifts