Saturday, March 6, 2010

COCO CHANEL Chain strap handbags


The quilted black chain bag known as the Coco Chanel style handbag is back again.This spring season you will see this classic timeless piece,from totes,cross bodies, double straps and pouch styles. If Chanel isn't in your budget, then try a vintage quilted chain bag. Many vintage shops have an array of very unique to classic styles of this bag. I've spotted several quilted bags on eBay and etsy, in bright colors, whites, suede and funky prints. My favorite style of the chain purse is the cross body, great look paired with skinny jeans and a casual top, right for day or night, truly glamorous. I think the black quilted chain bag will always be a true classic.
some of my favorite vintage quilted bags sold


vintage chevron style double chain

 vintage Monet

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