Monday, September 13, 2010

New York Fashion Week...DKNY

I can't believe New York fashion week is here already, time really flies. Designers are showing their collections for spring/summer 2011, in New York from September 9-September 16. I would really like to be there,but planning this year wasn't in the cards, maybe next year. My fave collection was DKNY, love her burst of color,with a touch of classic khaki. The girly flirty skirts were absolutely stunning, lots of leg next spring/summer,time to get your legs in shape now. DKNY displayed neck scarves with her collection, very classic piece, which can be worn by any age. The runway hair was sleek with a side part and pony, one of my favorite ways to wear my hair. I think this time I'll try an added long pony hair piece for going out to my hair...change is always good.
What DKNY pieces do you like in this collection? 


  1. I love DKNY too and so many others....I like your blog and you r doing more writing, very good, I have to be in the mood to blog sometime

  2. thks...I love the colors in her collection.I only blog when I'm in the mood also.