Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Bob

the classic bob cut
The bob cut, very classic timeless style, perfect for this fall. Recently I cut my hair in a little bob, I haven't had my hair cut this way sense the 80's. My 80's style had bangs, didn't cut them this time, so maybe I'll add a bang clip extension instead. I hope I can maintain this style, due to the fact that my hair isn't naturally straight...requiring blow drying and a flat iron.If you have long hair, but not ready for the big chop,opt for a wig instead.I saw a really cute bob wig at annabelleswigs.co.uk....take a peek. I think I'll maintain this style for fall and grow it back out next year.

My favorite celebrity bobs....Katie Holmes,Victoria Beckham & Rihanna
Whats your favorite bob style?

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