Sunday, May 2, 2010

MY FAV: Vintage photos and fashion

My Fav vintage images 
dial phones
hat boxes
swing shoes
fashion mags
retro prints
go go boots
mini skirts

Model Twiggy 60's/70's biggest fashion icon

 I love the fashions from the 60's and the 70's. These are two of my favorite eras,but the 20's era is still number one. I love the 60's/70's because of the diverse trends,from mini skirts,bold prints,hippie style,skinny jeans and asymmetrical hairstyles.The bob hairstyle I just love,wore that style in the 80's,maybe I'll try it again this year.

My Fav photo of model Linda Evangelista

I love this image,very mod,the look of the 60's style.Love the style of pairing a micro mini with white go go boots. Her hair cut has that 60's flair with a modern touch.You can create fashions from the past with the right styling and makeup in any photo. Vintage stores and thift stores are the best places for fashion stylist, to find pieces for old vintage photo shoots.

twiggy 70's style


  1. Hey love your blog! inspiration everywhere!!!

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