Monday, June 14, 2010

my home is my castle

This weekend I spent time house hunting, not for myself, but for someone else. This little trip around metro Atlanta was quite interesting. I saw a cute little castle home. Who would build a home like this? It's real , check out the  private residency sign. Most little girls dream of being a fairytale princess like Cinderella, living in a castle, maybe this was their childhood dream.

house hunting sights

on the farm, Arabian horses
I have always wanted a horse as a child. I grew up dreaming of owning one of my own. The closest thing I've had to owning one, would be my horse figures. These precious pieces are packed away, collecting dust,  thought about selling them, but I'll keep them as reminders of my childhood dreams.

friends to the end

 Sight to see, two large wild turkeys, walking in the distance. This place was full of gorgeous homes surrounded by beautiful lush landscapes.

house on a hill


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