Friday, June 11, 2010

perfect 10 beach bod

curvaceous young Marilyn

Today I decided to surf the web,very bored today. I also had several estate sales to attend, but I decided to stay in due to a little rain and thunder. Maybe I'll  make it to those sales tomorrow, so I decided to blog about the perfect 10 beach body.

The perfect 10 beach body to me would be Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was beautiful, sexy and  curvaceous. I love her body, curvy and healthy. But today's standards of a beautiful body has definitely changed. Celebrities today are too skinny to me. If Marilyn were alive today, Hollywood would consider her fat, sad but true. Marilyn wasn't fat she was a size 8-10,but today some women consider that size as fat.

Tara Reid too thin beach bod

 Today Hollywood starlets want to be pencil thin, with no body fat. I think eliminating body fat, makes you look old. It's just not a healthy attractive look to me. You should be happy with how god made you, everyone isn't made to be thin. It's OK to take care of yourself and workout, but never take it to the point where you look unhealthy. A healthy beach bod is more attractive than a skinny thin bod in a bikini.

So for this summer season eat right, workout to tone, but never starve yourself for a perfect 10 beach body

Marilyn Monroe, perfect 10 beach bod

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