Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pop music Icons in Black and White



icon in the making
Lady GaGa

An Icon is somebody widely admired, somebody symbolizing a movement. 
Madonna and Janet were the biggest icons of the early 80's, but their career in pop music didn't stop there.They both had successful careers into the 90's and beyond.These pop icons not only influenced music,but also fashion, by creating their own unique personal style. Madonna's iconic 80's style was wearing lingerie as outerwear, leggings under short skirts, and soft curl highlighted hair. Janet known for her dance moves, killer abs and ever changing looks, from tomboy to sexy siren.

 In the late 90's a new younger pop princess emerged, name Britney Spears. She was America's first teen pop music icon in the 90's. She made pigtails and school girl uniforms the fashion craze of the 90's.

The newest pop icon in the making to me, would be Lady Gaga. She reminds me of a young Madonna. I think a lot of her inspiration comes from Madonna. I see a lot of it through her music, fashion style, and videos. Although she's inspired by her, she adds a little touch of her own personal style to the mix.

Who do you think have the most influential personal style?

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